I’ve had a lot of fun over the past few weeks, visiting with different book clubs, and I look forward to many more!

Below is a list of the best questions book club members posed to each other and to me:

  1. The chapter titles provide coded information about Liz’s life and the identity of the murderer. Which one[s] did you find amusing and/or informative?
  2. How does information about Liz’s past life connect with her investigation?
  3. Which characters were on your list of suspects? Why convinced you of their guilt?
  4. Was the ending a complete surprise? If so, what convinced you of the killer’s innocence?
  5. Many mysteries include a romantic subplot, but Liz’s love life is complicated. What role, if any, does her troubled marriage play in her pursuit of the murderer?
  6. The book is written from Liz’s point of view. How does her [sometimes dark!] sense of humor help her in her investigation? Or, does that aspect of her pesonality hold her back?
  7. The end of the book identifies the murderer, but leaves much about Liz’s past unexplored. Should she investigate the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death? Or leave well enough alone?

Bonus question: Find five clues, hiding in plain sight, that positively identify the murderer!