Manhattan Book Review had this to say about Lesson Plan for Murder:

Summer has ended and Liz Hopewell is ready to get back to her classroom. Her first day back doesn’t go quite as planned when she finds fellow English teacher Marcia Deaver dead on the floor and her classroom trashed. She knows it was murder. After she finds a coded lesson plan, her curiosity gets the best of her, so she turns to her sister and cop Tom Harriman for help to pry into the secrets of Marcia’s life. Liz’s obsession with the mystery may cost her more than her marriage–it may cost her her life.

Liz’s problems with her husband hang in the background as she uses the investigation as a form of escapism. The plot is grounded with realistic characters, a surprising twist, and a satisfying conclusion. Solving the mystery is made more fun and upbeat mainly due to her sister, Susan, who treats it like it’s a game. The danger picks up when Liz receives threatening letters and someone else gets poisoned, but the fun never stops. The first in a new series by Lori Robbins, Lesson Plan for Murder is a cozy mystery that’s full of heart and humor, with a charming sleuth and fun literature references.

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