From the classroom to the stage, ballet has more than its share of critics. In advance of the last few performances I’ve attended, I read two mixed reviews and one rapturous review. And yes, I have to wonder if the critic saw the same companies I did.

For the record: Pacific Northwest Ballet? Brilliant dancing, inventive program, and for three former dancers and me, a thrilling night at the ballet.

But the NYCB performance of La Sylphide? Please. Put the damned thing back in mothballs. There’s a reason no one outside of Denmark performs this dinosaur. Sterling Hyltin was wonderful, yes, but since she isn’t onstage for the entire ballet, it’s not worth the trip. The only moments that aren’t a total snooze are those that are unintentionally funny. And while the corps was excellent, every single male dancer looked as if he’d rather be sitting in the dentist’s chair.

My point? It’s more fun to go than to stay home. Happy carping!