The Problem: A friend called to tell me he had an extra ticket to the opera. The ticket was $145 and I told him I couldn’t afford it. He emailed back and said I could have it for free. I was at work and didn’t answer the email for several hours. When I got back to him he said he gave it to someone else. Should I be angry about this? I am very disappointed, and I think he should have waited for my answer.

Signed, The uninvited guest

Solution: Sorry, Uninvited–according to Jane Austen [and me] your friend gets a free pass on this one. When the opera buff didn’t hear back from you he probably assumed you weren’t interested. Or maybe he found someone to fork over $145 plus pick up the cost of drinks during intermission.

In Northanger Abbey, Eleanor and Henry Tilney are quick to forgive Catherine Morland’s apparent dismissal of their invitation to walk together. You should do the same. And, like Catherine, when you’re given a second chance, jump all over it!